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Do you know what your credit score is, how many accounts you have and are you able to pay your bills on time? Many of the customers who shop at Sears question what kind of a credit score they need to get a Sears credit account. That is going to depend on the Sears card representatives and what they conclude to be risky in terms of who has the card and the benefit of now having to pay for their items out of pocket.

Your Credit Score

You first must figure out what your credit score is initially. Did you know that if you apply for a card and are rejected that, it is flagged onto your credit score making it looking even worse than the number? Consider whether or not you have ever had to deal with repossession, a bankruptcy issue or a late payment. Your credit score is going to be effected dramatically if this is the case. It may take you a while to repair this score before you obtain a sears credit account?

So, what kind of a credit score do you really need to obtain a Sears account. If you have about a 600 you may be eligible to obtain a card but the requirements for the customer may differentiate. It’s possible that you can change your credit score if you go over the credit report and make sure that there aren’t any errors. Do you have any unclaimed balances? That may be a reason as to why you have an ineligible credit report and score. Even if you have a charge that is above 50% of the available balance on any card it’s going to negatively affect your score.

Should You Always Have a Higher Balance Limit?

If a card has a higher balance limit, it’s not always a good thing because it tempts shoppers to spend more on what they’re buying. Even if you have not spent what is on the card entirely, the available balance is still the amount that you are in debt. That is what shows up on your credit score! If you still don’t know why your credit score keeps you from obtaining a Sears account, speak to a representative and retain an in-depth analysis of the reasoning behind it. It’s also possible that you don’t have a credit score in the first place. That is going to keep you from obtaining the card as well.

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