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Once you go beyond the Sears MasterCard login page, you will be pleasantly surprised at the access that awaits you. However, in order to get this far, you will have to go for online access registration. For this, you can visit the official Sears MasterCard website and set up an account following the instructions mentioned on the site. Once you are registered, you will be allowed to make use of the login information in order to gain access to your account.

sears mastercard login

Visit the site and enter your Sears MasterCard login ID and password in their respective spaces provided in the left. This will enable you to view your account information and let you have access to your check balance, Sears MasterCard online bill payments, see your due dates for payments, etc. Originally, the security check was carried out face-to-face which gives the bank responsibility for customer verification.

Sears MasterCard Login encourages “Go Green”

• The idea of the Sears MasterCard login is to encourage paperless bills thereby promoting the Go Green concept. Your account bill statements are available to you online which is in fact a faster and more secure way of receiving them. Go Green also have the below mentioned advantages:

• Email alerts: This is a monthly alert given to you by Sears MasterCard login when your online statement is ready and can be viewed.

• Risk reduction: Paperless bills save you from identity thefts and other fraudulent activities.

• Convenience: You have access to your online transactions anywhere and anytime you want at the convenience of mere button clicks of your computer.

• Expenses history: Sears MasterCard login also gives you the benefit of accessing and checking your expenses history for the last year of complete online statements.

• Green lifestyle: Paperless bills means saving paper which means saving the environment, so the whole idea leads to a greener lifestyle with lesser consumption of resources.

• If you are not very comfortable sitting in front of a screen and handling your account, you can always get your bill statements printed out and then analyze them.

With Sears MasterCard login, you can be assured safe and secure access to your account, regardless of where you are accessing it from. This is because Citibank is responsible for the issuing of these credit cards so your login ID and password have the most updated 128-bit SSL encryption technology protection. Online access will provide you the facility of managing your account online without ever having to wait for bills in your mail, thereby saving you money and time.

However, you need to beware of any kind of internet scams that have been designed to take away your MasterCard information. Phishing mails are sent out thousands with the expectation that gullible victims will fall for them and so that their personal financial information can be gathered. These emails are sent out with the names of renowned and well-reputed companies so that they look convincing. However, you can be sure that genuine companies and banks would never email you with links that request your login ID and password or any of your credit card details. If you are ever doubtful, simply type out the company’s website the email relates to in the browser directly instead of following the link provided in the email.

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