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One of the advantages of shopping at Sears is that you get a Sears account card that will allow you to check your credit score for free, through an easy to access portal that Sears maintains. The best part is that the credit score check is free.

Some of the other several advantages that the Sears credit score site offers are listed below, in a Q&A format.

sears credit scoreWhere can I access the Sears credit score?

You can access the credit score that Sears electronically maintains, by visiting Searscreditscore.com. You will need a Sears account card and will also need to have made a purchase at Sears within the past 12 months.

Which credit bureau’s credit score do Sears provide us with?

As you might already know, three different credit unions maintain a credit score on your finances. When you request a credit score from Sears, you get the credit score as reported by the TransUnion credit bureau.

How do I interpret my credit score?

Once you have accessed the credit score that is given out by Sears, you can try to gauge the health of your financial or credit standing. Your credit score will generally range between 350 and 850. The higher the number, the more credit worthy you are. The lower your credit score, it means that you will have a tough time securing credit with good interest rates or securing credit in general.

Will requesting a Sears credit score affect my credit score?

No, it won’t. When you make a request for your credit store through Sears’s portal, it is considered a soft request that will not affect your credit score in any way. It is only hard requests that will affect your credit score. A soft request is when your credit score request is not reported to the lenders.

How often is the Sears credit score updated?

Sears will update your credit score, as maintained by the TransUnion Credit Bureau, on a monthly basis.

How many times can I check the Sears credit score?

You can check your Sears account to view your credit score as many times as you want. However, as mentioned above, it is updated only once a month and checking it too often can just be a redundant activity.

Is the Sears credit report a complete report?

Yes, it is a complete report that is the same as the full and detailed report provided by TransUnion.

Is the Sears credit check site a secure site?

Yes, it is a secure site. Sears is registered with both VeriSign and Hackersafe which means that your credit score information is in safe hands.

Will Sears be able to correct any potential mistakes with my credit score?

No, Sears is only reporting your credit score to you, as received from the TransUnion credit Bureau. If you find a mistake with your credit report, please contact TransUnion to investigate the potential error and to possibly get it fixed.

My credit score from other credit unions is different from what I see at this Sears site? What is wrong?
It is possible that you might have requested a credit score from a credit bureau other than TransUnion. All three credit bureaus use slightly different formulas to calculate your credit score, resulting in slightly different scores. Sometimes, there is also a lag in updating your credit score which might cause you to see different scores with concurrent checks at two different credit bureaus.

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