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For Citi cardholders:

In order to gain access to your Sears Credit Card login, you have to log on to the Citi cards website or simply click on the link https://www.citibank.com/us/cards/srs/index.jsp if your card issuer is Citibank. To left of this page is a column where you will be required to enter your Sears Credit Card login ID and password.

For Sears Solutions MasterCard holders:

If you own a Sears Solution MasterCard whose issuer is HSBC, you will be required to visit a different site in order to access your login ID. If you do not already have one, you need to get yourself registered online by clicking on the link http://searssolutionscards.com/ecare/home_nli

Sears Official Site:

In order to sign up for online access to your account and to create a Sears Credit Card login, you can also visit the main Sears website, i.e., www.sears.com. Scroll down the page and hit the tab ‘Access Your Account’ to view all your account details. For access, you will be required to enter your 6-digit card number mentioned on the card itself.

If you are unsure about where exactly to log in, you can also visit the Secure Sign On page:


Once you have successfully logged into your account through your Sears Credit Card login, you will be able to check and manage your Sears account balance. You can also check your transaction history and monitor your expenses accordingly. Your account will also reveal to you your bill statements and your most recent transactions. One problem that most accountholders face is remembering old transactions that need to be received and Sears online account provides an excellent function of letting you obtain these in your account message folder.

Contact Customer Care:

Sears Citicard:

If you face any trouble logging into your online account, you can contact the Sears Customer Care section for help. (www.citibank.com)

Sears Solutions Credit Card:

You can visit the website to get assistance in case you face difficulty logging in your Sears Solutions Credit Card login account. On this page, you will get phone numbers to the customer care service and also have answers to FAQs.

Fraud Alert:

In case the Sears system notices any unusual account activity, it will block your account immediately and contact you to check the identity and then allow the transaction to happen only if you permit it.

Complicated Passwords:

While setting up your Sears Credit Card login, for your password, you will be advised not to use your name, a single word, your birth-date or any kind of information that can be guessed by anyone. You will be required to use combinations of a minimum of two numbers and six letters in order to make your password more complicated and secure.

Login Cookie:

The Sears login website also offers you the login cookie service which will record your Sears Credit Card login ID and password so that every time your visit the website, you do not have to type out these details again and again. This protects you from others peeping into data that is confidential to you. You do not have to worry about the website leaking this information to another party. However, keep in mind to limit the use of login cookies to your personal computer.

Unauthorized Purchases:

The Sears Credit Card system has been designed such that you will not be held responsible for any kind of identity theft or purchases that are not authorized by you.

Be alert and attentive:

Always keep in mind that the login page link doesn’t begin with http but https, so avoid logging in if the website link begins with http or you will be putting your confidential information to danger. Also, check the time of your previous login provided at the top of the login page and see if you had actually logged in at that time. If not, report to the card issuer immediately.

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