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Sears Choice Rewards is a special perk provided to Sears MasterCard holders every time they make a purchase using their card. Once you get yourself enrolled in the Sears Rewards Program, for every valid purchase that you make with the card you will be entitled to earn points. You need to sign up for the special Sears Choice Rewards Select Program for which you will be required to pay an annual fee. However, the benefit here is that for every dollar you spend using your card, you earn two points as opposed to non-members who earn only one.

sears choice rewards

The greatest advantage of the Sears Choice Rewards is that it allows you to choose from an array of rewards so that you can enjoy your accumulated points the way you like. You can redeem your points in any of the following exciting ways:

• Travel rewards
• Land’s End rewards
• Special rewards
• Merchandise rewards, and
• Gift card rewards.

You can redeem points by following the below mentioned easy-to-follow steps:

1. The minimum number of Sears Choice Rewards points that allows you the choice of redemption is 2500. In order to check your point balance, you can check your billing statement and hit the tab that says ‘Points Balance’. You cannot buy extra points as the only way you can get them is by earning them which in turn is possible only by buying more products and services with your Sears MasterCard.

2. Look through your reward options before choosing any item. You can find them on the official website of Sears Choice Rewards. Rewards are available in a number of categories ranging from travel to tools and from recreation options to gift cards. Below each reward is a mention of the exact number of Sears Choice Rewards points you need to redeem them. Choose an option that is apt for the points you have available.

3. After making a choice, you can move on to exchanging your points for the item you selected. You simply need to click on the reward and you will be prompted whether you want the item redeemed. All you need to do next is click on it and the selected item will be automatically included in your shopping cart. After having done this, view your shopping cart for item verification and for checking if your shipping address is correct. If the information is found to be correct, hit the tab ‘confirm.’ You can always make use of the Sears Customer Service in case you are apprehensive about redeeming your points online and if you think you need help.

You need to keep in mind that the Sears Choice Rewards cannot be converted to any other kind of reward plan as they do not have any monitory value. The points are earned after you’re a billing statement of your card account is made. Also, different rewards have different point requirements. For example, while an Ultimate Tool Box will need 3,300 points a Bissell Cleanview Vacuum would need 13,600 points. None of these rewards are replaceable in case of theft or loss. However, defective product issues can be sorted out with the Service Center.

The number of Sears Choice Rewards points you can earn is limitless. However, do not forget that they are valid only for a period of 3 years. It is therefore advisable to keep checking and redeeming your points while their validity still holds. Points that are unused cannot be carried forward or refunded. Check the website regularly to stay updated.

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